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OT Public Relations Project


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OT Public Relations Project

OT Public Relations Project


Then do the following:


1) Ask a person in the community these two questions:

a)   “Have you heard of Occupational Therapy?” (15 pts)

b)   "What do you think Occupational Therapy is?” (15 pts)


2) Help the person gain a better understanding of what occupation means and what OT is. (10 pts)


3) Turn in a 2-3 page paper describing your experience. Write about your thoughts and feelings about doing this project and what you may have learned from the experience; speak briefly to the class about the experience.


4) The document is to be written in APA format, incorporating the following (10 pts):

a. Cover page

b. In-text citations from the “Spread the Word” article  and / or additional sources

c. Quotation of the Centennial Vision

d. Reference page

e. Grammar and punctuation

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