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Movie Analysis Assignment Paper: Psycho (The USA, 1960)


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Movie Analysis Assignment Paper: Psycho (The USA, 1960)

Movie Analysis Assignment Paper: Psycho (The USA, 1960)


analysis should mainly focus on DISCUSSION of 
•The Shop Around the Corner
•Classical Hollywood Narrative/Setting/Dramatic Irony/Closure
Psycho (USA, 1960)
On its release, Psycho shocked viewers with its violence and narrative shifts, and it continues to influence the horror genre. For our purposes, the film is a rich resource for examining how mise-en-scène, cinematography, editing, acting, and sound contribute to the narrative.
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Psycho (The USA, 1960) Institution Date Introduction In the movie psycho, Alfred Hitchcock makes use of numerous styles and techniques to achieve the narrative of the film. Some of the techniques include mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, acting, and


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