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[Solved] Racial and Ethnic Groups

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[Solved] Racial and Ethnic Groups

Racial and Ethnic Groups


Treaties between the Native Americans and Indians have been an essential component of fashioning relationship between communities and determining how individuals in these communities should behave. Treaties also establish a fair position for communities whenever they are carrying out negotiations as individuals rely on what is written rather than that following which is inculcated in their traditions (188).


Federal policies are essential component to the native America as they focus on assimilating or at least recognizing the Native Americans in the Country’s system. The aim of the federal government is to ensure all communities in a country are recognized and allowed to succeed through development of policies that favor them and urge them to participate in national development (191)


Major collective action taken up by the native America are majorly activism such as the red power and formation of groups which aims at recognizing and allowing all communities marginalized or not to feel  and to protect that which accrues to them. On various occasions, these groups have made treaties with various government arms to institute fairness and to allow them the right to play part of the national development (201).


The identity of the native America is based on various themes such as their bond to land, their heritage, ceremonies and the stories they embedded into their culture, subsistence activities such as fishing, family bonds, and family roles (180).


The main challenges affecting the Native Americans on

Economic development – low life expectancy, high suicide levels, drug use and alcoholism and high unemployment level

Education – High level of drop out, high teenage pregnancy level and child abuse through labor

Healthcare – child mortality, homelessness hence leading to lack of appropriate necessities, drug use and alcoholism and high poverty level

Environment- Poor infrastructure development, Storage of toxic waste based on the government 1990 incentives, lack of education on  how they can manage their lands hence this leads to problems such as land erosion (399)


The native America embody religion in almost all their activities. It is through religion that they determine gender roles, their responsibilities to one another and in their way of life (167).

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[Solved] Racial and Ethnic Groups [Solved] Racial and Ethnic Groups
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