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Modern State: Legislature, Powers of the Citizens


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Modern State: Legislature, Powers of the Citizens

My ideal state is the one that is characterized by a direct democratic government, where citizens have a right to vote for the initiatives and the policies directly and determine what policies are implemented by the state government. The citizens can make laws directly, dismiss government officials who are unfit for the office and contribute towards the executive decisions. In a direct democracy state, all the citizens have an equal voice in matters in matters that directly or indirectly affects their lives. A direct democratic government enables the citizens to participate directly in the proposal process, development and generation of the laws to govern the country. It also enables the people to participate in the economic, social and cultural processes that create free and equal practices of political self-determination a state which is desirable for building a young nation. A direct democratic government chosen for developing the new state creates three arms of the government; executive, legislature and the judiciary

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