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Sociology: Comparative Analysis of Research on Social Issues

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Sociology: Comparative Analysis of Research on Social Issues

Sociology: Comparative Analysis of Research on Social Issues

you must use this link http://www.lib.uwo.ca.proxy2.lib.uwo.ca/ and login using the username: melkubbe and password: West3rn! (capital W) all research must be done using this websie please
Comparative Analysis of Research on Social IssuesName of StudentName of InstitutionName of Professor Part AA (30% marks) does not demand 5 pages. That`s Part B instead, and as noted in the order the total is 6 pages, so I naturally assumed that Part A, apart from the actual print jobs to be done and the noting down of the references didn`t demand much. Kindly check again and clarify id need be.Step 1 Find this book in the library and photocopy the title page (as required by professor)Fig 1. Get this book`s title page and print it out for the professor Step 2Fig. 2 to Fig 6 is the first pages of each of the 5 journals required by the professors. Print them out as the professor requires from the assignment. Find the attached PDF files for better printouts as these are just screenshots.Above: Fig 2 – Fig. 6Step 3Bibliography page for Trends in the Gender Pay Gap in Spain: A Semiparametric Analysis. We shall use “Blau FD, Kahn LM (1992) The gender earnings gap: learning from international comparison. Am Econ Rev 82:533–538” for our next step/taskPage 1 of the citation made above (as required by professor) Also, find attached PDF document for a clearer print out.Step 4I do not seem to find this article despite the various search variations I have done on the library database.Step 5ReferencesBaron, James N. and Andrew E. Newman. 1989. “Pay the Man: Effects of Demo-graphic Composition on Prescribed Wage Rates in the California Civil Service.” InPay Equity: Empirical Inquiries, eds. Robert T. Michael, Heidi I. Hartmann, andBrigid O`Farrell. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.Dunlea, Mark. 2002. Testimony of the Hunger Action Network of New York State tothe joint hearing of the Senate Finance Committee and Assembly Ways and MeansCommittee on the Proposed 2000-2001 NYS State Budget. February 4. http://www.hungeractionnys.org/leg-budg.htmEconomic Policy Institute. 2001. “Living Wage: Frequently Asked Questions.”www.epinet.orgHolleran, Philip M. and Margaret Schwarz. 1988. “Another Look at ComparableWorth`s Impact on Black Women.”Review of Black Political Economy16: 19-102.Lapidus, June and Deborah M. Figart. 1998a. “Remedying ‘Unfair Acts`: U.S. Pay Eq-uity by Race and Gender.”Feminist Economics4(3): 7-28.Lapidus, June and Deborah M. Figart. 1998b. “Erasing Discrimination: Toward Fam-ily-Sustaining Wages for Poor Workers.” Presented at the Fifth Annual Institute forWomen`s Policy Research Conference, Washington, DC.Michael, Robert T., Heidi I. Hartmann, and Brigid O`Farrell, eds. 1989.Pay Equity:Empirical Inquiries. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.Murray, Bobbi. 2001. “An Increasingly Sophisticated Movement Has Put Opponentson the Defensive: Living Wage Comes of Age.”The Nation.July 23/30, 25-28.National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE). 1993.Erase the Bias: A Pay Equity Guideto Eliminating Race and Sex Bias from Wage-Setting Systems. Washington, DC:NCPE.Renwick, Trudi J. and Barbara R. Bergmann. 1993. “A...

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Sociology: Comparative Analysis of Research on Social Issues Sociology: Comparative Analysis of Research on Social Issues
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