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Managing cultural diversity in international business


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Managing cultural diversity in international business

Managing cultural diversity in international business

please i need a very good presenation speesh and good info search .therefore i would like you to use an easy language to understand >>here is the qus ^Integrative Case Study: “Organizational and National Cultures in a Polish – US Joint Venture”. Read the case study on pages 461-465 of the Parboteeah and Cullen (2011) text, present your answers to the questions on page 465, to the class and lead the subsequent discussion.
Running Head: Managing cultural diversity in international business Insert Name Insert Course Title Insert Instructor`s Name Date The US/Polish firm is incorporation entity between the Polish and the US where its subsidiary is located. The main business headquarters is in Poland but the Company relocation to the US has been facilitated by the diversified and appreciation of the US culture. Generally, the company is non-bureaucratic with the total employees being 140. The managers in the two regions are well conversant with the work and family life of each other. In regarding the attitude of the Polish towards the US management, the perception is positive. For instance they claimed that the US business operation is healthy, real, honest, tough and fair. Contrary to this, the Polish culture being able to work in adverse conditions and also having experience in struggling on the hardship communist environment, found it well to combat with the US management expertise. Moreover, Multinational Corporation is believed to provide the company with employment security and due to the evitable low risk in case of bankruptcy. The other beneficial factor of the company involvement in Multinational Corporation is the provision of the efficient and dependent in terms of profit making. Consequently the Polish managers maintained that the new implementation and the practice enhanced individuals` development unlike in the cas...

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