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Managing a Department in a Health Care Organisation


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Managing a Department in a Health Care Organisation

Managing a Department in a Health Care Organisation

Assignment Content: Imagine that you manage a department in a health care organization of your choosing (Oncology unit). The organization recently merged with another, layoffs occurred, and departments are now being consolidated. Your department now has employees whose ages span four generations, three different cultural groups are represented, and conflict is brewing between them. The conflict is affecting performance, shift scheduling, and cooperation with other departments. A-Write 1000 words a directive to address these conflicts. 

Do the following in your directive: 

1 -Assess the situation that your department is facing. 

2-Create clear and reasonable expectations and goals to achieve cohesion, cooperation, and communication in your department. 

3- Lay out a strategy to overcome these conflicts and improve workplace performance. 

4- Explain how success will be measured based on your strategy and goals. 

5- Consider using tables, matrices, or other visuals. 

6- Evaluate what leadership traits you need to incorporate in order to lead your diverse department. B- THEN summarize the key points by Creating a 10-minute, 5- to 9-slide voice-over presentation using PowerPoint® that presents your directive to the human resources manager and chief operating manager.

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