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Loscoe landfill gas explosion (UK) | The Stava tailings dam collapse (Italy) | The Aberfan tip failure (Wales)


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Loscoe landfill gas explosion (UK) | The Stava tailings dam collapse (Italy) | The Aberfan tip failure (Wales)

Environmental Geotechnics MOD002423

Coursework: Case Studies


To learn from specific events relating to Environmental Geotechnics through the production of a short report in the form of a case study of two of the following incidents:

The student will write two case studies (1000 words each) on two of the following incidents or projects:

1.      Loscoe landfill gas explosion (UK)

2.      The Stava tailings dam collapse (Italy)

3.      The Aberfan tip failure (Wales)

The case studies will contain a clear diagnostic from a geotechnical point of view of what went wrong, how the incident could have been avoided and what lessons were learnt.


The case studies should be presented as a document with a title page. Each case study should be presented in a formal style with numbered sections and should contain:

·         Not more than approximately 1000 words of text per case study.

·         Illustrations which are directly relevant to the report and the content of which is explained or referred in the text.

·         References within the text to sources of information and a complete list of all information sources consulted and used (Harvard referencing system).

Text should not be presented as a collection of bullet points but a narrative which makes correct use of paragraphs and sections. You are encouraged to create your own diagrams, tables and figures to avoid excessive cutting and pasting.

Marking Scheme

·         Extent and quality of information gathered and the use made of the information - 25%

·         Description of the case history, explanation of technical aspects, analysis and identification of important points and lessons to be learnt – 50%

·         Quality and presentation of final document, eg: accuracy, clarity, comprehensiveness, readability, referencing – 25%


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