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Leadership in Health Care: Evolution of Leadership


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Leadership in Health Care: Evolution of Leadership

Leadership in Health Care: Evolution of Leadership


This needs to be a review of literature of ONLY peer-reviewed articles within the last 5 years. There needs to be a minimum of 10 references that are peer reviewed. There must be frequent citations throughout the Review of literature and in every section. There should be minimal free writing. This paper must be APA flawless, as this is my final attempt to pass this course. The level of headings and formatting must be correct. There can be no grammatical errors. The bibliographies must be written in APA format without error. Direct quates are not allowed!! This will also be screened by Turn-It In.
The topic is Learning Leadership (this should have a health care focus). 
The outline should be as follows:
-Evolution of leadership
-Leadership compared to management
-Leadership Trait Theory
-Strategic Thinking
-Leadership Skills
-Organizational Skills
-Time Management
-Effective Teamwork
-Conflict Resolution
-Risk Management
-Decision Making
-Problem Solving
-Policy Making
-Leadership Evaluation
-Performance Improvement
-Event Resolution


Leadership in Health Care Name Institution of affiliation Date Leadership in Health Care RN Amanchukwu in her study conceived leadership to be the ability to provide direction for a given group of people and to elicit the desire to achieve a common purpose for the benefit of the group (Amanchukwu, 2015). Leadership is particularly critical in the health care system. Health care is a sensitive industry noting that it deals directly with human life. Thus, there is a need for continued, sustained leadership in the sector to ensure it consistently delivers top-notch health care to those in need (West, 2015). There is thus a need to have a comprehensive understanding of leadership in health care. The paper works towards this understanding by dissecting the subject matter of leadership. The paper asks key questions and in determining the answers, a framework for leadership and how it can be learned is effectively developed. Evolution of Leadership In the middle ages as the European nations were being formed, good leaders had to have the ability to provide clear, concise orders and the capability to ensure these orders were followed. As the nation states emerged, authoritative leadership i.e. (autocratic and directive leadership) was essential. This form of leadership would, however, become diluted after misuse. The most prominent attack on this form of leadership would be the Magna Carta (Stiffner, 2015). The charter established a participative form of l...

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