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Kitchen Preparation, Sanitation, and Hygiene


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Kitchen Preparation, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Kitchen Preparation, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Please reference : Group Demonstration Outline Format PDF Please use word document attachment as well Please do number 3 under the Part II Main Body and Part III conclusion and Bibliography. Please all attached doucument too. Please reference : Group Demonstration Outline Format PDF Below the reference Also use: Http://startcooking.com/kit(reference) Use: http:// m.cdc.gov/en/mobilecampaigns/handing washing ( reference)
Kitchen Preparation, Sanitation, and HygieneName:Course:Professor Name:(April 04, 2013).Kitchen Preparation, Sanitation, and HygieneTopic of the Speech: Kitchen Preparation, Sanitation and HygienePurpose of the Speech: Enlighten audience on the importance of serving food properly, washing their hands and the general kitchen hygiene; this is critical in the prevention of cross contamination of germs. Good evening, I thank you for this golden opportunity to air my views on kitchen hygiene, I`m Vanecia Daniel. Ever wondered what would happen if kitchen hygiene was neglected? There could be rampant cases of pandemic diseases, pests contaminating food like cockroaches among others, food poisoning, accidents in kitchen and under or over cooked food among other negative results. I`m sure each and every one of us likes hygienic environment; highlighting on today`s topic on kitchen preparation, sanitation and hygiene (Maister, 2012). The first step in kitchen hygiene is to make sure that you are dressed properly, things like loose clothing and hair should be held in position. Jewelries like bracelets and rings should not interfere with ...

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