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Introduction Speech


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Introduction Speech

Introduction Speech

I need to write an introduction speech for an individual in my class it needs to be 2-3 min long. Containing Introduction with the first sentence being an attention getter also establishing that you are creditable about speaking on the individual example sat down with the person and had deep conversations for hours, 3 points about the individual, and a conclusion. The speech must keep the listeners attentions and be creatively written. Also their must transitions between each point talked about. Information about the individual. Namemita Anthony Levy Age: 26 Born in Jamaica immigrated to U.S at age 9 -Joined the United States Military in 2002 was honorably discharged due to being hurt in the service. -While working full-time with channel 7 news station he was taking 5 classes and received straight A`s in all those classes putting him on the Presidents List. -Wants to own his own production studio. -Plans on attending FAU for computer animation. In elementary school he was in the gifted program for advanced learners. -When was a teenager we Rollerblade and broke his fingers, was in a car accident and had steel pins put into his knees. -In high school he was in JROTC and by his senior years was the the top cadet in the program. -He enjoys reading, playing basketball, and golfing. -Family is a big priority to him. All these point don`t have to be mentioned just 3. Dear Erum, The actual name of the person about this speech is: Dmita Anthony Levy. In the additional info there is an typo

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