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[Solved] Causes of Negative Patient Outcome in a Psychiatric Hospital

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[Solved] Causes of Negative Patient Outcome in a Psychiatric Hospital

In this paper, you are asked to provide a report on the causes of Negative patient outcomes in a psychiatric hospital. You must present a clear and structured report and include Harvard style reference list in your report.

Psychiatric hospital lack perfectly defined parameters which may lead to undesirable patient outcome. There are several scenarios which would have propagated negative patient outcome in psychiatric hospitals. One scenario is existence of inadequate evidence concerning the required care for the patients. The mental healthcare unit would have lacked sufficient evidence for the mental condition of the patient. This could have limited the health practitioner on the number of options to solve the problem. For example, there may be inadequate information on evidence based practice for young adults. There may be insufficient information on use of antipsychotics among young adults and adolescents. Connectively, there may also exist unconvincing evidence regarding the use of antidepressants the treatment of bipolar disorders. This scenario would have possibly led to negative patient outcome due to inadequate evidence care practice (Kilbourne, Keyser & Pincus, 2010, p.556).

The psychiatric hospital may have inadequate description to certain psychiatric terms such as psychotherapy, fidelity and engagement among others. This may be due to lack of satisfactory information in the hospital’s information data sources which may lead to difficulties in establishing numerators and denominators needed to control quality. For example, different categories of psychiatric patients require different assessment criteria in determining risk and severity. Undesirable patient outcome may be experienced due to the hospital maintaining vague parameters.

A psychiatric hospital would experience a scenario where the available data source may contain limited descriptions to certain aspects of mental health issues hence limiting adequate routine care. For example, data that is suitable for psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy can only be obtained from several sources such as outpatient records, patient bill records as well as pharmacy records. The hospital may lack an electron media of maintaining such data opting for manual charts. Reviewing manual charts is slow, time consuming, labor intensive and is prone to errors and variations. Additionally, obtaining such varied data from labs, hospital bills and pharmacies is difficult and may result to incomplete information. Due to a wide range of diagnosing in the coding of mental health situations, the data available may not be adequate to accurately establish the specific mental problem of a patient. This may hence lead to negative outcome of the patient due to lack of accurate diagnosis based on the available information (Kilbourne, Keyser & Pincus, 2010, p.557).

Involuntary admission of the patient is another scenario which could have resulted to adverse negative outcome of the patient. Forceful admission is likely to deepen the state of mental health of a patient. This may be due to heightening the level of patient aggression and depression which may slow the recovery process. The psychiatric hospital may fail to utilize other means of admitting resistant patients such as sedation. Forceful admission may cause humiliation of the patients hence worsening their mental health condition (Svindseth, Nottestad & Dahl, 2010, p. 364).


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[Solved] Causes of Negative Patient Outcome in a Psychiatric Hospital [Solved] Causes of Negative Patient Outcome in a Psychiatric Hospital
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