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Interview 2 people about their experience of leadership


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Interview 2 people about their experience of leadership



Theoretical and practical perspectives

Your essay should have the following sections (suggested word count in brackets as a guideline only):

  1. Introduction – summarise the assignment, identifying the main theory chosen (300)
  2. Literature review – concise but in-depth review of the literature on one theory and links to related theories, with full use of a wide range of academic sources (650)
  3. Interview methodology - explaining who was chosen, how the interviews were conducted,  the questions asked and why (400)
  4. Integration - analysing the responses in line with and referring to the theory from section two (650)
  5. Conclusion – a brief summary of your findings (500)

References and bibliography – following Harvard APA protocol

Appendix 1 - Signed copy of the ethics form

Appendix 2 - Copy of the interview transcripts

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