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Imitations of Life (1934)


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Imitations of Life (1934)

Imitations of Life (1934)

Write a movie review on the 1934 film Imitations of Life. Each review will be five paragraphs long. In your introductory paragraph, you must identify which three literary devices the director uses most effectively to tell the story, and how this movie is relevant to discussing the issue of race in class. In the body paragraphs, you will choose from three of the five main literary elements: Plot, Characterization, Setting, Point of View, and Theme to discuss the above. In your conclusion, tell which literary element the director used most effectively to tell the story, what you liked or did not like about the film, and how it relates to the time period and or what we are studying in class.
IMITATIONS OF LIFE (1934)NameCourse NameTutor Date of Submission Imitations of Life (1934)In the film Imitations of Life, plot twist is the main literary device employed in by the director. There are several stages at which there is a plot twist but the major turning point is when the daughter of the white child finally calls the daughter of the black child “black”. There is also coincidence where at the time the daughter is regarded as black, the mother ends up showing at school and all classmates discover she is not white as they may have thought. PlotAn African American housekeeper Delilah Johnson (portrayed by Louise Beavers) with her light complexioned daughter Peola (portrayed by Sebie Hendricks) are taken in by Bea Pullman (portrayed by Claudette Colbert), a widow with toddler Jessie (portrayed by Juanita Quigley). Even though Pullman is experiencing hardship trying to make ends meet, both families start to get along together and the African American feels at home immediately and the two families become one family and the particularly start enjoying Delilah`s pancakes which are made from th...

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