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[Solved] End of Life and Palliative Care Optional Module

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[Solved] End of Life and Palliative Care Optional Module

Assessment Strategy: Select an end of life care issue relevant to health and social care. Critically analyse and explore this issue with reference to the module learning outcomes and content and relevant nationally published policies and/or clinical guidance. Critically analyse and explore the issue’s relationship to clinical practice and the implications continuing personal and professional development within nursing.

This assessment consists of a 2250 word written assignment and is linked to the academic level 5 grade descriptors. It is to be submitted electronically through the University’s Turnitin e-submission system.The assessment is marked out of 100% and the pass mark is 40%.


Student Guidelines

  • Introduction
    • Outlineaims and objectives of the assignment, what is to be covered and what this discussion will achieve.
  • Identification of issue/ topic and the rationale for its choice and analysis of relationship to clinical practice
  • What is the rationale for this topic as the focus of this essay, why is this is an important issue in end of life care?
  • Identify the major influencing factors and critically evaluate any related evidence that surround this issue/topic.
  • Clearly identify its relevance of this issue/topic to nursing practice and patient care.How are the learning outcomes of the module evident in this piece of work?


Identification of your chosen topic can be based on clinical; experience to date or something you have read about or been introduced to theoretically in University


  • Implications for continuing evidence based personal and professional development
  • How might nursing as a profession develop better understanding of this issue?
  • What knowledge, skills and attitudes might be required in order to understand this issue more fully?
  • What are the major factors influencing how this care is effectively delivered?
  • What strategies might be employed to improve nursing care in relation to this issue?


  • Conclusion
  • Demonstrate how you have addressed the aims and objectives you identified in your introduction and summarise and comment on the major issues that have emerged.


  • References
  • Critically analyse relevant and current literature and evidence to support your discussion throughout.
  • Ensure you follow the University guidance regarding accurate referencing.


Please note that dates for assessments including examinations may in exceptional circumstances be subject to change. Notification of any change would be via Blackboard or your Programme Leader.



Confidentiality Statement

In line with NMC (2008) The Code: Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives:


All references to patients, clients, health care organisations, medical / nursing documentation should be anonymised in the work you present for assessment. You should make this clear in the introduction of your work.  Under no circumstances must you identify;

·      Patient / client / relative / carer / staff members name

·      Name of hospital / PCT / clinical area

  • Diagnostic information that has identifiable patient data visible

·      Documentation where the patient’s / clients ID, name, address, etc is clearly visible or can be identified.

·      Any documents included must be photocopies with ALL names, addresses, Trust and clinical staff names deleted. Use of corrector fluid or black indelible markers to partially obscure confidential information is prohibited.


You are expected to adhere to the current university referencing and plagiarism guide and  support your work with appropriate evidence using the university guide to referencing which can be found on the general guides section of the Library’s website:


Documentary evidence:

Information that is only available via the organisation’s INTRANET e.g. local and unpublished clinical guidelines must be anonymised and referenced as ‘Local Trust’.

Where the healthcare organisation’s information is in the in the public domain i.e. available via the INTERNET then cite these using the normal conventions of internet referencing

Marking and feedback

Your work will be marked using Level 5 Grade descriptors and feedback will be given as posted on Black Board.


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