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Homeless policy in atlanta


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Homeless policy in atlanta

Homeless policy in atlanta

Selection of alternative and rationale for choice.
NameInstructorCourseDateSignificance of Homelessness Policy in AtlantaMany people have become homeless in the US cities due to lack of affordable housing. Atlanta city ranks second with a percentage of 1.4 homeless people who do not have a place to call home or live in inadequate housing. Homelessness is an issue which if continues without authorities checking it, could result into negative effects both socially and economically. Increased number of homeless people in the city has results to increased crime rate because the homeless have to compete for available public space as they have the capability of breaking the law to achieve their goal leading to massive incarceration. Many homeless people are presently exposed to criminal justice which is overstretching the incarceration facilities hence pressuring more on tax payers (O`Sullivan, 2012). Moreover, their unfavorable environment exposes them to illnesses and health complications and this becomes a burden to emergency care and taxpayers. All citizens are entitled to equitable distribution of social services and homeless people are not an exception. Economically homelessness impact both domestic and foreign tourism that contribute more to the economy. Tourists are scared off by panhandlers and many social events are adversely affected by increased number of homeless people in the city. Consequently, the value of properties is affected by homelessness since they congregate on undesirable conditions which lower the value of properties.The policy of housing and urban development has made availability of funds to provide supportive housing in Atlanta whose objective is to move people from homelessness to independent residences. Providing of hou...

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