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Health Care System in the United States


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Health Care System in the United States

Health Care System in the United States

Write an analysis of The Doctor in terms of the course. Show a clear understanding of the sociological perspective, and specifically of the perspective of medical sociology. The basic assignment: 1.In the paper (2 pages)clearly analyze how the film explains, sheds light on, or is an example of course materials. 3. The strength of your paper will be affected by the specific materials you choose, the depth of your analysis, and the understanding that you show. Remember that the purpose of the assignment is to use theories and content of medical sociology. Some ideas on how to go about the paper: 1.In your paper describe an event or situation related in the film. 2. Then explain a concept, ideas, or theory from the medical sociology. 3.Give quotation from the film, or describe a scene from the film. 4.Explain how the situation illustrates the theory or a key idea from the theory.Concept which is part of the theory. 5. Explain how medical sociology applies to the film. It makes for a stronger paper to into greater depth in fewer ideas than the other way around.
HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN THE UNITED STATESNameInstitution AffiliationInstructorDate of SubmissionHealth Care System in the United StatesAmerica`s threats are do not primarily come from some overseas nations. Within the America boarder there are some enemies such as chronic and infectious diseases and rising medical costs which continue to pose a threat to individuals, families, communities as well as the national security of the country. Healthcare costs in America constitute eighteen percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), comparatively; approximately six percent of the country`s GDP is spent on defense. Despite the fact that the U.S spends two times more on healthcare compared to other countries, the world health Organization ranks the country at the 50th position in life expectancy and 39th worldwide on the overall health status of its citizens. However, a majority of Americans are enrolled in the private health insurance scheme – sixty-four percent in total, of which forty five of them receive health insurance through the organizations that employ them. Further, 50 million people in the U.S which is a national ratio of 1 in every 6 remained uninsured. A total of 45, 000 people die every year because of lack of health insurance, which comes to one in every 12 minutes (Shi and Singh, 2009).Affordability is one of the problems plaguing the health care systems of the U.S and by extension the economy. One may think that Americans are generally sicker ...

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