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Health and Social Care, BTEC UNIT 8


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Health and Social Care, BTEC UNIT 8

Health and Social Care, BTEC UNIT 8

Tasks, the ones with red bullet points on the left hand side (and on the right hand side the names of the tasks, such as P1,), are attached. The other sheets are what should be mentioned in the answers. This is explained below.

All tasks have this case study/setting: residential care setting for older people (some of them have dementia). ALL EXAMPLES must be regarding this setting.

The task P1 must include the rights which are listed on the other sheet which starts with "Topic A.1..." (that is every bullet point until "Topic A.2..." except the one starting with "current and relevant legislation...". The rights have to be summarised and examples (suitable for the setting above) should be given.

The task P2 is about the last bullet point of "Topic A.1..."

Tasks M1 and D1 are about "Topic A.2..." 

Tasks P3, P4 and M2 are about "Topic B.1..."

Tasks M3, D2 and D3 are about "Topic B.2...