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Free Gaza movement


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Free Gaza movement

Free Gaza movement

Topic: Free GAZA movement(www.freegaza.org) Choose a topic that will allow you to use the concepts we have covered in the readings and class discussions. Your paper should have an introduction where you state what the paper is about – by posing a research question – and how you have gone about researching it. (You may refer back to your website analysis paper.) Situate the research question/topic in the literature that we have covered in class. Your references should include course readings and websites as well as one or two journal articles and/or additional books. You may use References Cited or footnotes, but make sure that you cite material – all information and data – properly. You may include tables or graphs, but cite the source at the bottom. Avoid Wikipedia.
Israel Attacks on Gaza: Why would Israel deny occupation of the Gaza Strip yet its forces control Gaza`s air, Land and sea? Books, journals and the website contain a lot of information on Gaza which has greatly helped in the compilation of this research paper. The Free Gaza movement is an example of Transnational Advocacy Network which has been fighting for the freedom of Gaza as a result of its occupation by Israel. The Free Gaza Movement`s website contains information about when it was formed and the aims of forming this activist movement. One of the most densely populated strips in the world is Gaza Strip. Wedged between Egypt and Israel, the Gaza strip is a 25 Mile long and narrow coastal plain land that houses approximately one and a half million Palestinians. Most of this population is comprised of children and the people who live in this strip are either the refugees or the descendants of the refugees who upon its founding in 1948 were driven out of Israel. There only exists three entry or exit points in Gaza, namely the sea, the Raffa crossing in Egypt and the Erez border crossing found in Israel (Times, 2007). Gaza has been occupied by Israel Since 1967 and up to now, Israel maintains full control over Gaza`s territorial waters, airspace and transport to and from the region. Israel from 2006 has subjected Gaza towards severe blockade and therefore restricted its ability to import essential commodities like fuel, spare parts and other important basic materials. It ...

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