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Explain the physiology of one of the 5 vital signs.


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Explain the physiology of one of the 5 vital signs.

Nursing 1 Assessment Guidance for Students

Indicative Assessment

This module will be assessed through a 4000 word written assignment which will be an assessment and plan of care using one patient discussed in class.  Students will:

Using the module assessment and care plan template, write an evidenced based assessment and plan of care using one of the scenarios from the module.  This will include communication strategies and interprofessional collaboration. 

Explain the physiology of one of the 5 vital signs.

Discuss the importance of professionalism when caring for this patient.

The assessment is due to be handed in on 21st January 2019. 

There are 3 parts to the assessment but it is presented as one piece of work:


Here tell your marker what you plan to do in your piece of work you could align this to the learning outcomes for the module.

Remember to include a consent and confidentiality statement; for example:

“In the consideration of confidentiality fictional characters have been used for this piece of work (NMC, 2015).”

Assessment and Plan of Care (1st person) 2000 words

·         You need to use the Template which can be found on blackboard

·         You need to consider Activities of Daily Living (ADLS) for the individual that you have chosen (Violet or Bartek)

·         Identify 3-4 Patient Problems from your assessment and identify what you plan to do as a result of this

·         Remember to consider Person and Family Centred Care in your plan

The Physiology of…. (3rd Person) 500 Words

Here you should explain the normal physiology of one of the vital signs and normal parameter.  This needs to be supported by a reference from a core text and one other resource for example; the NICE guidelines.

Professionalism (1st person) 1500 Words

Here you should refer to the key texts that you have been introduced to you through the course of the module for example; The NMC Code or the NHS Constitution.  Demonstrate your understanding of the nursing profession and the responsibility and accountability that comes with the role.


Module Code:  MNAHT1AN1

Module Lecturer: Please insert their name here


You are permitted to use headings for this piece of work, please use the following:


Assessment and Plan of Care (1st person)

The Physiology of…. (3rd Person)

Professionalism (1st person)

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