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Estimating IT Project Costs


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Estimating IT Project Costs

Estimating IT Project Costs

Reasearch paper on IT (information technology) project cost estimation. Paper is to include how an IT project is estimated in terms of money, payments, performance, budget, deadlines, milestones, work schedule, work breakdown structures, activity sequences, contracts and stipulations? Minimum of 5 references
Estimating IT Projects CostsNameCourseCollegeTutorApril 23, 2013Estimating IT Projects Costs Accurate estimation of IT projects helps the system developers and the owners to have a clear view of the total expenses to be incurred so that the project remains on budget (Sampson & Domkowski, 2010). There are key processes that an IT project owner must consider in order to come up with an accurate reliable cost-estimates. Define scope: In order to have a definite scope of the project, the project developers must gather salient information in relation to the project underway, and document the needs of the end user to ascertain that the project fits the end user requirements. This process also includes documenting the required features and functions of the final project (Sampson & Domkowski, 2010). In order to carry out this process successfully the project developer must have incredi...

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