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Education has the potential to `free` marginalised groups?

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Education has the potential to `free` marginalised groups?

Essay title: Education has the potential to `free` marginalised groups? 

Critically discuss the educational challenges experienced by one of the marginalised groups examined in the module. Consider the work of Paulo Freire and decide whether his theory (or another`s) is best suited for your argument.

Marginalised group to be examined: 

Pregnant school girls 

The main theoretical lens that needs to be used is Paulo Freire (1921-1997). 

And is this theory or another best suited for your argument, this needs to be in much depth, as Freire is the main theory for this module. 

Key terms linked to this theory: 

The Banking concept: 

Traditional education
Not neutral
Abstract concepts
Passive learner
Alienation of those who are not winners

Critical Pedagogy: 

New pedagogic style
Education to liberate
Active learner
Not neutral
‘Conscientizaçao’ or ‘Conscientization (empoewering individuals, personal and social transformation). 

Terms and ideas relating to young and pregnant girls: 

Dilemma of difference 
Recognition/ non-recognition 
Helpful/ unhelpful 
Responses and impacts 
Helped or hindered 
Equal/ special treatment 

Freire (potential words to be included): 

Understand ways to transeend marginalisation/ oppression. 
Develop critical consciousness/ their oppression. 

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 Education has the potential to `free` marginalised groups? Education has the potential to `free` marginalised groups?
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