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E-mail response

E-mail response

Dear writer, I have an assignment, and I am an international student so please make it simple as you can. The assignment is below: " Fun with Craigslist Find 2 different ads on Craigslist that you would like to respond to (without actually responding!). The only criteria for this assignment is that the response speaks to the recipient. I invite you to be creative; you don`t have to be yourself, so to speak--take on a persona. Have fun with it! Please print the original ads with you responses, and bring them to class on Thursday. Remember formatting! If it`s an email, make it look like an email."
Name:Tutor`s Name:Course/Grade:Date:E-mail responseThe big nasty couch stands out as an awkward advert, first from the advert head to the description. Why on earth would someone advertise a nasty couch; it seems he or she has an agenda to terrorize people`s living rooms. In addition, he offers it for free at no costs except transportation fees. The couch seems really nasty looking at the sleeping dog on the couch. The dog looks to have a nasty pose and very uncomfortable. The design is old school leaving the living room look like a museum or a home in the farmlands, old and forgotten. The phrase he or ...

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