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Self-Assessment for Career Success

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Self-Assessment for Career Success

Self-Assessment for Career Success

  • Describe your personal and professional journey in the Leadership program as this relates to the mastered competencies impacting your own career, organization, and industry. Consider your ability to continue that journey by staying up-to-date on organization, industry, and world trends that may impact your career.


  • Analyze your capacity to grow and develop as a leader using co-production and “we” situations to enhance leadership relationships in various environments. Consider “we” situations enabled by Web 2.0 technology that enhances leadership relationships in virtual, global, and culturally diverse environments.


  • Explain your personal leadership approach to creating adaptive systems that enhance organization capacity to innovate and change.


  • Explain your personal application of theory and best practices in leading and developing people in an organization.


  • Differentiate strategic leadership practices from other leadership practices. Pay particular attention to the role of leadership in creating and infusing sustaining values in organizations.


  • Analyze your personal leadership effectiveness for leading in “we” environments that are virtual, diverse, and global.


  • Evaluate your personal level of effectiveness in using technology in a leadership role.





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Self-Assessment for Career Success Self-Assessment for Career Success
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