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Divine revelation and the formation of the Hebrew Scriptures


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Divine revelation and the formation of the Hebrew Scriptures

Divine revelation and the formation of the Hebrew Scriptures

, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, using MLA format, footnotes (optional), and Works Cited page. 2 points will be deducted for poor spelling and grammar. 1 point will be deducted for each day any paper is posted past the due date. Grades will reflect how well you analyze and synthesize ideas in your own words. Papers should reflect not only your ideas but the sources you use. Proper footnotes (optional) and documentation are required (Only MLA format is acceptable; pls. use only MICROSOFT Word 2003 or 2007). A rambling discussion of a topic that is not backed up with a meaningful connection to the readings or lectures will not be acceptable. Paper must be in MLA format as noted above. The papers main body must be at least 1,500-2000 words (Note--this does not include the works cited page, footnotes, or headers) in length. The paper needs to be well documented. Use no less than three (3) sources.
Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date: 26th July, 2011 Divine Revelations and the Formation of the Hebrew ScripturesDivine Revelation Revelation is considered as being supernatural communication between God and man either in written or oral form, though its definition has been restricted to written only written aspect of it. This restriction has been based on the content of the Holy Scripture. This is what has been stated as “It is the discovery by God to man of himself; God showing or unveiling himself: that is, his Being, his moral will and his redemption in Christ” (Tecmalta.org par 3). Revelation is not the only way through which God can reach people; God has the ability of always reaching his ends. However, it is very necessary to for people to attain the real God`s knowledge as well as salvation. According to Romans 1, man has been considered as being inexcusable by nature`s light. But Calvin states that, man is short-sighted and bleary-eyed being lacking the ability of seeing clearly, as a result, there is need for spectacles. Some of the factors that have been considered as hindrances to man`s sight are ignorance, immorality, as well as abject helplessness of men in their natural state. As a result, this calls for a revelation that is embedded and contained in the entire scripture. All scriptures considered as being revelations, however, only divine revelation has the ability of remedying the natural alienation of man from God. People require final authority for creed along with conduct for both faith and practice, which is found in the scripture. Divine revelation has been made certain for individuals through miracles and prophecy attestation. Miracles on their part are considered as being a natural attestation and accompaniment of God`s new communication. They are used in manner that satisfies the real doctrine and commissioning of prophets. In the scripture, prophecy also attests revelation. This has been based on the fact that, there is no human being that has the ability of foretelling events that will happen in future in a precise way. But the Bible has the ability of doing this, as it has been confirmed of doing the same for the past centuries. As an effect, revelation is considered as being the fact of God speaking to his people. However, God has been using different means to speak. He used prophets, his son Jesus, inscripturated messages. In all these means, his message has been inspiring. On this note, inspiration has been defined as the operation of “divine Spirit which renders a speaker of writer infallible in the communication of truth whether or not previously known” Tecmalta.org par 5). Apart from using different means to speak, God has also used diversified means of revelation. Such means include nature, providential dealings, miracles, direct communication, through the Bible. In man`s history, God has used various means to reveal himself, such ways include:Nature Though natural revelation has no capability of leading ...

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