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Death penalty should be stopped.


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Death penalty should be stopped.

Death penalty should be stopped.


Persuasive Essay and Speech topic: - Death penalty should be stopped. The death penalty is the harshest way of punishment I am against it. Can you please write my paper on this statement? The paper need to have 5 paragraphs; introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion. Guideline for paper is attached. Thank you!

Name:Tutor:Course:Date:Death Penalty should be stoppedDeath penalty defines a procedure where one is sentenced to death by government as a way of punishment for grave crimes. Although the practice is still carried out in some countries across the globe, it has become a controversial issue gaining attention from supporters and critics. Death penalty is the harshest way of punishment and should be abolished completely. Prisoners, irrespective of their crimes need to enjoy basic rights to life (Bedau & Cassel 18). A number of reasons have been presented to support the ending of the death penalty in the global context, some of which are analyzed in this discussion.Primarily, it is agreeable that the killing of the innocent person defines unfairness that can never be returned, seeing that the life was lost immediately using force. Reflecting on studies, it is true that wrongful executions have been recorded, thus claiming innocent people. Therefore, it is unquestionable that death penalty should be eliminated in a society to stop the intolerable mistakes that take place during the practice. In essence, the killing of ...

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