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CULTURE AND LEADERSHIP IN ORGANISATIONS ((‘There is no single best culture.` ))


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CULTURE AND LEADERSHIP IN ORGANISATIONS ((‘There is no single best culture.` ))

CULTURE AND LEADERSHIP IN ORGANISATIONS ((‘There is no single best culture.` ))

‘There is no single best culture.` (CIPD, 2010b) Debate this viewpoint, giving organisational examples where appropriate. sources: CIPD (2010b) ‘Vision and values: organisational culture and values as a source of competitive advantage` [online] Available on World Wide Web at http://www.cipd.co.uk/research/_visionandvalues.htm [accessed 15 September 2010] the important source i wanted to be used as a main source is (( prospective on people at work))the new addition i need a presentation nice very easy to say and organized well. thanks
Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: A Speech Culture and Leadership in Organizations Introduction I`m going to talk about the concepts surrounding organization culture. All the four types of organization culture will be brought forth in this speech. It has been noted that in the modern business environment, there is no single best culture, each organization works well with a hybrid of various cultural orientations. It will be appropriate if I clarify what organizational culture means; basically, it refers to set of values, norms, attitudes, experiences, perceptions and beliefs that are unique to an organization. It is practiced from two broad levels; individual and collectively. Additionally, it is worth noting that it is the culture of any organization that fosters or hinders organizational effectiveness (Cummings & Worley 131). Culture and Leadership in Organizations “My big idea is that there is no single organizational culture that is best and can yield very good result without being supplement by the others in whatever degree of incorporation of other types” In my own view, organizations that have a tendency for a strong and shared culture enjoys better performance in terms of employee commitment, it is also associated with lower quit rates that are coupled with maximum customer satisfaction and very high profits. I believe all these cannot be achieved by using a single type of organizational culture. My ideas are heavily ...

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