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Construction project management


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Construction project management

Project management is a crucial factor for all construction project especially those that involve a lot of activities and have got huge capital investment. Construction project management uses a different approach from other project management projects. According to Nagarajan (2005), construction project has got different parts of equal importance which require adequate concern from the project manager. These sections are such the project process planning which involves coordination of all the activities in the project. The other factor is the project design which entails the desired blueprint of the subject of construction. Next is the financing of the project which involves structuring how the funds for the construction will be sourced and utilized in executing the project. The other important factor involves management of the machines and equipments being used in the construction project. The project manager needs to coordinate all these factors in order to achieve the desired output of the project. Additionally, project managers in complex constructions need to have special knowledge on that particular construction in order to provide valuable guidelines. It is important for the project manager to know how different parts of the project coexist in order to achieve effective coordination for the project.

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