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Immigration Policies of Arizona, and the Social Issues Involved

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Immigration Policies of Arizona, and the Social Issues Involved

Immigration Policies of Arizona, and the Social Issues Involved

I will forward writing instructions given by our professor. I also need to share with the writer that the topic that I chose comes out of chapter 13 of our Sociology textbook for the course, authored by Jon Witt, revised in 2010. You will know why when you read the directions. I will also check the references that you use for the sources cited--I had a bad experience with another company.
IMMIGRATION POLICIES OF ARIZONA, AND THE SOCIAL ISSUES INVOLVEDName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name: (19, November, 2010) Immigration Policies of Arizona, and the Social Issues InvolvedAbstract Arizona records one of the highest numbers of illegal immigrants. For a long time there have been attempts to have regulations that would regulate the influx of the illegal immigrants into the state. In April 2010, the Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the anti-immigrant bill that makes it illegal for an undocumented immigrant to be in the state. The bill popularly known as SB 1070 has been met with opposition as well as support by the public. Some have called it the strictest anti-immigrant regulation in the whole of the United States. The passing of the bill caused riots in several cities in the U.S. The critics have claimed that the bill may encourage racial discrimination. The supporters have claimed that it will help regulate the number of illegal immigrants. There is a pending lawsuit in the U.S. courts to prohibit the legalization of the bill. IntroductionArizona is one of the states in the US that has always experienced a high increase in the number of immigrants. Being at the border of Mexico, the state receives an influx of immigrants from Mexico and other Central American countries, who come to the U.S. in search for jobs. The Arizona residents had for a long time welcomed and tolerated the immigrants but in the last 20 years the attitudes and tolerance has been changing, thus the increase in calls to change the public policies and control the flow of the illegal immigrants. In April 2010, the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer signed into a bill one of the strictest but very controversial anti-immigrants bills (FAIR, 2010). This paper will discuss the immigration policies in Arizona focusing on the SB 1070 that was passed in April 2010 and the issues that arose after the passing of the bill. Arizona SB 1070 is a legislative Act that is considered to be the most expansive and strictest Acts intended to curb illegal immigration. The SB 1070 was enacted on April 23 2010 after it was signed by the Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer. The law was found necessary from the fact that Arizona has had a very high number of immigrants, about half a million and most of them from Mexico (Stateline, 2005). Arizona State borders Mexico and it therefore receives a high number of illegal Mexican immigrants who, according to the supporters of the anti-immigrants law, have greatly contributed to the increased crime rate in Arizona. After the traditional immigrants were closed by the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) 1994 Southwest Strategy the immigrants diverted the routes to pass through the desert area to get entry into Arizona and then to other cities in the U.S. (Armin & Reineke, 2010). The SB 1070 bill is a law was to prevent “the unlawful entry and presence of illegal aliens and economic activity by illegal aliens in the United States”. The immigrants had...

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Immigration Policies of Arizona, and the Social Issues Involved Immigration Policies of Arizona, and the Social Issues Involved
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