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Children in Armed Conflict and Terrorism


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Children in Armed Conflict and Terrorism

Children in Armed Conflict and Terrorism


create an annotated bibliography off of the links I provide. The purpose of this assignment is to find 10 legal instruments for child and armed conflict for the UN, and 5 for terrorism and the proliferation of WMD`s. 

For terrorism, use these 5 topics; Biological weapons convention, 1925 Geneva protocol , IAEA, BWC implementation support unit, Resolution 69/67.

Here are the Child and armed conflict links; http://www.securitycouncilreport.org/atf/cf/{65BFCF9B-6D27-4E9C-8CD3-CF6E4FF96FF9}/s_res_2143.pdf





http://www.afdb.org/fileadmin/uploads/afdb/Documents/Project-and-Operations/AR_m En.pdf


It turns out I only have 7 links, find 3 more links which are resolutions or conventions from the United Nations which advocate for the support of children in armed conflict


Children in armed conflict and terrorism Name Institution Children in armed conflict and terrorism Legal instruments for child and armed conflict for the UN http://www.securitycouncilreport.org/atf/cf/%7b65bfcf9b-6d27-4e9c-8cd3-cf6e4ff96ff9%7d/s_2014_267.pdf This is a report that highlights massive violations that were committed to children due to the conflict between parties such as Al-Qaida, the Mouvement national pour and pro-government militias among others. Common violations included; sexual violence, recruitment, use of children, killing and maiming as well as attacks in schools and hospitals. With mitigation of the conflicts, there was a decrease in the number of violations. However, despite the improvement in the situation, children still remain to be vulnerable.  HYPERLINK "http://www.unicef.org/sowc06/pdfs/option_protocol_conflict.pdf" http://www.unicef.org/sowc06/pdfs/option_protocol_conflict.pdf The above link covers involvement of children in the armed conflict. The number of children being exposed to armed conflict are rising every day as this phenomenon proliferates the globe. There are highlights of the various ways used to recruit c


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