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Child Malnutrition


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Child Malnutrition

Child Malnutrition

I need a speech presentation about my poster which i will upload it in powerpoint file. I will talk about the second half of the presentation starting from ( current professional practice ) to the end of the conclusion.
Name of the Author Child MalnutritionName of TutorDate of Submission Ladies and gentlemen,As already established, child malnutrition is a challenge in India. As stated earlier, many strategies have been employed to address this issue. However, let`s look critically at some of the strategies available to practitioners of the profession. In as much as India is blessed with an abundance of nutrition specialists, it continues to suffer from uncoordinated efforts due to the lack of a comprehensive nutrition strategy that would address the nutrition problem effectively. Let me however point out that, there exist success stories on states that have managed to address directly the needs of the poor. This goal is universally accepted as critical to the achievement ...

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