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Briefly Explain the point of advertisements

Briefly Explain the point of advertisements

Body 1 

Briefly Explain the point of advertisements
Outline the problem: adverts are found to be inappropriate for kids
They have had to make stricter policies: control the ads with the videos 
Youtube is likely to have an effect on advertising sales
The business would incur more costs in terms of implementing policies: hiring people to filter ads and programming ways based on coding
Find evidence for these 
Explain the cases: who is targeted, give examples, what were consequences of these advertisements like
Statistics to show effect on business profits from these ads 

Ethical Theories- first define theories then analyse and incorporate with cases to argue 

Gilligan – against cause of advertisting to kids as it shows that it effects development in favor of
Veil of ignorance – for advertisitng to kids, against censorship

Schema theory and link that communitarianism , talk about theory of mind where from 0-8 whatever stimuli a child encounters it will effect them in a stronger way therefore needs to be careful about what goes to the kids– it will be instilled in their schemas, they will act upon it and it is not good for the society. – against advertising and for the sensorship

Can talk about stretching the schema to help develop their horizons, which make them smarter and can link this to the veil of ignorance- for advertising 

Virtue ethics – use a real case wherein the character is acting in a none virtuous way- based on psychology principles kids will practice and the kids wont be non virtuous and the kids will not be moral – against advertisement and for censorship 

Teleogical ethics/ situation ethics and link it to free will- all depends on the situation – it is for advertising and against censorship

Can mention the case where a child killed someone after watching the movie “Childs Play”

Weigh up theories and evidence


Summarise the points
Since the potential consequences a bad ad could have a effect on child and their development and therefore should be censored

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Briefly Explain the point of advertisements Briefly Explain the point of advertisements
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