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Annotations Analyzing Rhetorical Techniques


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Annotations Analyzing Rhetorical Techniques

Annotations Analyzing Rhetorical Techniques


i will attach the assignment paper and i think its really clear if you ready it. thank you!!


Annotations Analyzing Rhetorical Techniques Author Name: Institutional Affiliations: Date: S. Salamatpoor and S. Salamatpoor. (2014). Evaluation of Babolsar Sand Behavior by Using Static Triaxial Tests and comparison with case history, Najafabad: Islamic Azad University. Introduction Liquefaction is one of the most important, complex and debatable phenomena in geotechnical earthquake engineering that its destruction affects due to lack of shear strength of soil have serious economic and environmental consequence on civil projects. Determination of liquefaction potential due to an earthquake is a complex problem in geotechnical engineering and entails a myriad of factors such as specifications of sand layers, high level of underground water and earthquake components. CATEGORY: Specialized Language TECHNIQUE: How specialized is the jargon used in the text? HIGHLIGHTED: I have highlighted the first paragraph of the introduction. ANALYSIS: The writer largely employs the use of engineering jargon without any attempts to explain what the jargon means. The writer remains technical throughout this section and it may require further consultations for one to extract meaning from the article. The writer begins by highlighting the fact that liquefaction is a serious phenomenon in the geotechnical earthquake engineering. The writer points out that, liquefaction has economic as well as environmental consequences on the civil projects. The writer also acknowledges the fact that liquef...

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