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1) Proposals for the whole site detailing the construction techniques including an assessment of any advanced techniques tha


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1) Proposals for the whole site detailing the construction techniques including an assessment of any advanced techniques that may be required.

Interdisciplinary Project

Construction Management

Assessment Brief

You are required to generate a multidisciplinary tender document (including the circuit and facilities design and planning) for Grade 2 racing facilities which can host various motorsport activities (except for F1). You need to identify an old/redundant airfield (a bomber site or an alternative very large brown field), preferably regional (North West) which is large enough and potentially suitable for a Grade 2 Circuit and all the facilities required for such development. You are required to consult relevant documents governing this sport and explore and research similar facilities nationally and internationally to adopt best practice. You will, no doubt, have to give thorough consideration to planning issues, sustainability and social concerns and conditions may need to be assumed in developing a business case for you your proposed development.



1)       Proposals for the whole site detailing the construction techniques including an assessment of any advanced techniques that may be required. 

2)      An evaluation for the whole site of the health, safety and risk issues during construction, particularly referencing methods of reducing the risk of working at height. 


For example, safety during the design, build and the building in use sustainability, renewable construction.

3)      The consideration of a project plan for the whole development including construction programmers and phasing at an appropriate level of detail. 


For example, times how long will it take programmer include building, design, planning

Start days 01/02/2018 Finish in two years

Task A Group Meeting to all student

Task B Environmental Assessment

Task C Architectural Issues (Design Issues)

Task D Construction Management ( MY TASK)

Task E Commercial Issues

Task F Civil Engineering – Structures

Task G Civil Engineering – Drainage

Task H Civil Engineering – Highways and Transportation

Task J Civil Engineering – Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Design

Task K Presentation of proposals for the project

Including a gantt chart showing all the information.

Planning what the local plan for the area

As showing the BANK HOLIDAY, WEEKEND, Easter and Christmas holiday IN THE BARCHART AS IT NO WORKING DAY


4)      Risk management including the environmental risks associated with the project development and its site and report on the management of these risks

5)      Construction issue

.  British standards and Euro code

. A demonstration of the stability and robustness of the building during construction using

. Project plan

. Details of any temporary work and how to manage it

. Fire protection including during construction e.g. How to stop it? How to protect risk?

. How has the appointment of the construction team early helped with the design, safety of the building – CDM


6)      Site Manager

.Construction programmers - site layout

.Deliveries/ transport around the site

.Top 5 safety risk – Fire during the build

.Considerate Constructors scheme

.Staffing levels- management / organization chart

.Ground works- contamination pilling mats

.Local communication- advertising on the hoarding

7)      H&S Plan content list including working at height access Maintenance- roof areas- solar panels, changing/ cleaning glass

.What you are going to do to reduce waste?

.Temporary works procedures

.Local communication – advertising




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