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Instructions For this assignment, you need to complete visit 2 different food service operations and write a review of what you see.
FOOD SERVICE SYSTEMS Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc370297531 h 3Observations PAGEREF _Toc370297532 h 3Discussion PAGEREF _Toc370297533 h 5Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc370297534 h 5 Food services systems Introduction Different institutions have different food service systems. This actually depends on the policies of the institutions and the management of that particular place. The main objective of this assignment was to find out about food service systems in two distinct institutions. To find out how the food service system works, I was able to visit two institutions, one being a long term care facility and a school cafeteria. I visited the Bayshore Home Health Carewhich is on1843 Broadway W, Vancouver. The administrator of the care facility is James Carter. The institution adapts a food service system that is organized and the care is of high standards. I went ahead to visit the cafeteria at David Thompson Secondary School. The place was well structure with fine arrangements of tables and chairs. The cafeteria was large and amazingly clean.Mr. Christopher Chambers walked me through the whole department of food service in the school, in and out of the cafeteria. Observations In the cafeteria, there is demand for food at peak times. This is majorly during the breakfast and lunch time hours. Many students are usually on their lunch break and therefore flock the cafeteria for a bite. However, some activity is also seen during the other hours though slow. The school has a centralized food service system where food is produced in a central kitchen before being taken to the serving area. The students then line up to receive a share of what they prefer. The clientele are mostly the students but the teachers also use the cafeteria once in a while. Their food service needs are met by the fact that the cafeteria produces a wide variety of food and dishes that the clients can choose from. The cafeteria is unique a...

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