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Diagnostic Radiography - ADVANCED CLINICAL SKILLS

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Diagnostic Radiography - ADVANCED CLINICAL SKILLS

Format: Academic report (presented as an Article critique report plus a personal reflection) Page limit: to enable equitable and manageable marking of this assessment, you are expected to be able to complete this assignment (excluding the References List & Appendices) using no more than 7 pages of writing & figures in size 12 font, 1.5 line spacing, A4 page size, normal margins. If relevant, any figures should be approximately 1/3 page in size. Work submitted on any pages exceeding the specified page limit will not be marked
Learning Outcomes:
  • Compare and contrast research and professional evidence related to the evidence base for the areas of clinical practice relevant to 
the module
  • Select the most appropriate radiographic technique for those examinations specified in the module, taking into consideration the 
patient’s clinical history and condition; and physical, psychological and cultural needs
You will produce a critical appraisal (‘critique’) of your chosen article, plus a reflection of approximately 500 words
You are required to reflect on the personal impact of appraising your chosen article. Your 500-word reflection must be set out using the following subheadings:
  • Key Learning Points
    • Impact on My Clinical Practice
  • Action Plan.
You should support your reflection by appending relevant evidence using a clear cross–referencing system.

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Diagnostic Radiography - ADVANCED CLINICAL SKILLS Diagnostic Radiography - ADVANCED CLINICAL SKILLS
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