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Ethics at Play: a case of whistle blowing

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Ethics at Play: a case of whistle blowing

Ethics at Play: a case of whistle blowing

Locate news article based on recent event on ethical issue related to information technology. for example. Wikileaks, Snowden etc.
Summarize: your findings of the event/issue in the article 400 to 675 words
include the following in your memo using features in Microsoft word

Ethics at Play: a case of whistle blowing

Whistle blowing has often aroused numerous reactions with different individuals in the society offering their views regarding its existence. The concern for whistle blowing emanates from the overall effect it causes and impact it may have on either the government or any institution. One notable case that has faced United States is Snowden’s whistle blowing, which has been arousing mixed reaction to both the public and the role of the government in assuring the safety of its people. Snowden was a previous working NSA agent now seeking asylum in Russia who exposed the US government’s acts of dragnet spying the public. Civil rights that accrue to any individual consider dragnet spying as an infringement on the privacy of individuals. This review will look at the different position that individuals have offered towards Snowden’s act and show some of the views that different individuals have.

Views Against Snowden’s acts Views that support Snowden’s acts
  1. According to Nicholas (9), Kaplan offered his views noting that the documents that Snowden used to expose the spying operations and monitoring were not his, and the fact that he used them to expose the government shows his untrustworthiness (Michael 9). In fact, he adds that Snowden does not deserve clemency at all
In an opposing assumption that is against this view, The Boston Review (15) offered an insight noting that if the government can blame Snowden by exposing these documents, then they should first consider reviewing their position by considering the means that these documents were initially obtained. In which case, they would find that their position was infringing the rights of other individuals too.
  1. A second argument that Kaplan offers notes that by revealing these documents, Snowden hurts both the credibility of the government and intelligence community since he exposed the documents to enemies (Nicholas 14)
A different view was offered by Nicholas (16), notes that the government should have used a different method of obtaining intelligence, rather, than just stating they are for the rights of the citizens while in essence they are not doing as they claim. William (22) adds Snowden cannot be blamed for any form of international backlash that occurs to the government and the intelligence agencies.
  1. Kaplan attacks Snowden by reviewing Daniel Ellsberg’ who is said to have leaked Pentagon papers and later left the country. He adds that a person such as that who falls in the same bracket as Snowden deserve a government pardon (Nicholas 17)
However, as Nicholas (19) comments, there should not have been the war in the first place and neither should have the government performed this acts. Snowden and Daniel happened to be cases that had to self-exile themselves due to the acts of the government and the failure of the government to accept its actions as wrong.
  1. Another argument that Kaplan use to raise concern for the action that Snowden took is his concern on what could have motivated Snowden in the first place to join the NSA. He says initially Snowden was concerned with how he would have access to all machines of the world (Lana 3). He refers to his position from a previous article in the South China Morning Post (Nicholas 20).
However, a critique by Nicholas (20) offers another thought. He says whatever could have motivated Snowden to join the NSA in the first place was not an issue of concern. The words he uses are whether he had a conscience crisis before or after opting for the job that cannot be used in isolation to refer to his moral bravery.


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