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[Solved] Describe the types of customers that Center Parcs attracts as a Holiday village?

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[Solved] Describe the types of customers that Center Parcs attracts as a Holiday village?

Customer Service Management for Travel and Tourism

Learning outcomes assessed:

 1. Define the types of customers in the travel and tourism industry.

 2. Analyse the effectiveness of customer service and the use of quality systems in the travel and tourism industry.

3. Examine the solutions of customer queries’ and complaints in travel and tourism.

Assignment Questions


Center Parcs

Way back in 1968, Alan Ruff in his book "Holland and the Ecological Landscapes" discussed the beginning of a new environmental movement. The Center Parcs concept was developed around the same time and in the same country: Holland. Its aim was to provide people with short breaks close to nature in a forest setting in a way that linked business development to responsibility for land management, based upon sound ecological principles.

Center Parcs was established by Piet Derksen, who was Dutch. His first venture into creating short holiday breaks in forested areas was in 1967, when the first holiday village, De Lommerbergen, was opened in Holland. In 1981, the company opened its first centre outside Holland, in Belgium. In 1987, Center Parcs UK commenced business with the opening of the Sherwood Forest village.The ‘villa in the forest’ was born out of Derksen’s love of escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and getting back to nature. When Center Parcs first set up in Britain, the English Tourist Board dubbed it `the most important innovation in British tourism since the war`.

Using the case study above answer the following questions:

1) Describe the types of customers that Center Parcs attracts as a Holiday village? (LO 1) (500 words)

 2) Identify the current needs of each type of customers identified in question 1 and explain how they can contribute to the success of Center Parcs? (LO 1) (500 words)

3) Discuss the major techniques that Center Parcs can use to analyse the effectiveness of customer service within its company? (LO 2) (500 words)

4) Analyse the use and importance of a quality system that can be implemented in Center Parcs to enhance customer service? (LO 2) (500 words)

5) As the future customer service executive you have been asked to prepare short action guidelines to cover each of the major skills of customer service at Center Parcs. Examine the ‘do’s’ or ‘don’ts’ you would include in your checklists for each of the following topics:

• Handling customer complaints

• Dealing with a difficult customer

• Effective communication over the telephone

• Principles of letter-writing when corresponding with customers queries

• Listening skills (LO 3) (500 words total)

Below is an indicative structure for the report:

Title Page

Table of Contents

- A list of all the sections, headings, and sub-headings

- Appendices and Figures should be provided as well as all page numbers as clearly as possible.

Executive Summary        

This section will explain:

- What the report is about

- Explains all of the major findings of the report in brief

- States what the conclusions of the report will be

It may also provide:

- Details about the company

 - The aims of the report

- A summary of future plans

Introduction (approx. 300 words)

 - This section will provide a background to the report

- Relevant background details and topic history are given so that the reader can set the main body of the report in context

- The introduction should explain why the report is being written

Findings and Analysis (approx. 2000 words)

 - This is the substance of your report. The structure will vary depending on the material being presented. Headings and sub-headings should be used to indicate clearly the different sections.

- Charts, diagrams and tables can be used to reinforce your arguments, although it may be better to include the more complex ones as an appendix.

- See client brief on the next page for more information

Conclusion (approx. 200 words)

- This provides an end to your report through a summary of the important points in your discussion. Remember not to include any new material here.

Reference List / Bibliography

- The terms reference list and bibliography are sometimes used interchangeably, but here we define the terms as:

- Bibliography - a list of consulted readings, for example a list of textbook sources, that you have studied while composing your essay, but not specifically cited in the text

- Reference list – full reference for all the sources you have cited in your text.

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[Solved] Describe the types of customers that Center Parcs attracts as a Holiday village? [Solved] Describe the types of customers that Center Parcs attracts as a Holiday village?
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