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Clinical Anxiety Symptoms of Anxiety

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Clinical Anxiety Symptoms of Anxiety

As you have dug into reading about psychological disorders this week, you may have found yourself reviewing the symptoms and noting, “Hey! I think I have depression…no, wait, I have PTSD…no, I have GAD…wait, I think I have them all!!” It is likely each of us can relate to struggling with a symptom or two of a disorder, yet most will not reach the criteria for a mental health diagnosis. For example, many of us can relate to struggling with feelings of worry and having “the blues.” More importantly, the coping strategies we develop play a major role in the impact of these symptoms on daily living. Despite the severity of symptoms, whether experiencing sadness or clinical depression, there are a variety of strategies that can be used to improve mood. To prepare for this Assignment: Consider a time when you or a friend may have struggled with one or several symptoms of either depression or anxiety. Review the Learning Resources regarding these disorders, focusing on distinguishing characteristics of clinical depression or anxiety and how it differs from feelings of sadness or worry. The Assignment (2- to 3-page paper): Describe the symptoms experienced by either you or a friend and how they did or did not meet the criteria for a diagnosis of clinical depression or anxiety. Offer a paragraph clearly differentiating between feelings of sadness and clinical depression, or feelings of worry and clinical anxiety. Regardless of whether the symptoms met the criteria for a diagnosis of clinical depression or anxiety, research at least two strategies for combating symptoms of depression or anxiety. Utilize only peer-reviewed journals for your research. Share how your chosen strategies could also be utilized as preventative or protective strategies to implement the next time you encounter worry or sadness. Be sure to share at least one of these ideas in the Spark for next week. In sharing your idea, please take care to protect your or your friend’s personal privacy. A peer-reviewed journal is a professional publication where articles that are submitted are sent to a panely of experts to check on whether the way the reseach was appropriate and that the conclusions were justified by the data collected. recourse Comer, R. J. (2016).Fundamentals of abnormal psychology(8th ed.). New York, NY: Worth Chapter 4, “Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Related Disorders” Chapter 5, “Disorders of Trauma and Stress” Chapter 6, “Depressive and Bipolar Disorders” Chapter 7, “Suicide” Optional Resources Andrew, L. B. (2016). Depression and suicide. Retrieved from http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/805459-overview#aw2aab6b4 Davis, D. M., & Hayes, J. A. (2012). What are the benefits of mindfulness.Monitor on Psychology,43(7), 64. Retrieved fromhttp://www.apa.org/monitor/2012/07-08/ce-corner.aspx Harvard Health Publications. (2013). Exercise and depression. Retrieved from http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsweek/Exercise-and-Depression-report-excerpt.htm International OCD Foundation. (n.d.). Retrieved May 11, 2016, fromhttp://www.ocfoundation.org The Anxiety Network. (2016). Retrieved fromhttp://www.anxietynetwork.com U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. (2016). PTSD: National Center for PTSD. Retrieved fromhttp://www.ptsd.va.gov Gottlieb, D. N. (Producer & Director). (1997).It’s not me, it’s my O.C.D.http://search.alexanderstreet.com.ezp.waldenulibrary.org/ctiv/view/work/1779150 Note:This video, due to its production date, references an older version of the DSM; however, the information it contains is reliable and useful. National Institute of Mental Health. (Producer). (2009).Traumatic stress in the military[Video file]. Retrieved fromhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G61qVbqB6ns Traumatic Stress in the Military Transcript

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Clinical Anxiety Symptoms of Anxiety Clinical Anxiety Symptoms of Anxiety
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