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5 Top Reasons Why Students Drop Out Of College:

  • Post Date 2021-10-22T05:58:19+00:00
  • Post Category Students Career

5 Top Reasons Why Students Drop Out Of College:

Tough times are inevitable; you work so hard to get a high SAT score to get into your favorite college and you succeed, but then what? You get to know all the challenges you’re going to face in your college life and your motivation drops to zero. There’s a huge dropout rate of college students that accounts for over 54%, there are very few students that make it to graduation. The common reasons that we have seen in this scenario are: 

You are unready academically

College is a roller coaster, a mixture of academic, social, and political events that drives you crazy. A student loses control over studies and once it happens, it very difficult to get back on track. Balancing college work, assignments, and social events is not easy at all; it’s better if you prioritize your work and leave some unwanted activities behind. 

It’s expensive

These days, colleges have shot their prices up. There are a lot of students who struggle with resources and they can find it expensive to pay for a living while paying for college. Research said 50% of students who are at the college level, cannot afford it. They find jobs to support their studies and then it gets further hectic to manage. In these types of situations, students get helpless and give up on their studies. But this is not the solution; students should consider working while studying or work for some time before starting college. Moreover, there are funds available at every university to support students who cannot manage the fees. 

Force of job

Students usually get confused between earning to finance studies or have fun. They underestimate the value of studying and focus more on their jobs and give up college. 

Lack of value

We hear stories of successful people who have been dropped out of their college and we think, “Oh! Studying is not important at all”. But this is not the actual truth. Some people are lucky that their talent truly pays them off but it’s not the case with everyone. Some people hit their dreams by struggling to get dissertation writing help while some are blessed enough to get dropped out but still manage to maintain big businesses. 


Some students don’t come from a background of an educated family so they don’t know the value of studying. They should take mentorship and counseling to get proper information about which college to go to and what is best suited for them. Seeking guidance is considered very helpful, be it assistance in getting into which college or writing mere essay service.

You’re unhappy with college

It’s possible that you’re done with your roommate and you don’t feel good staying on campus and feeling alone all the time. You’ll get lazy going to class and question yourself again and again, “why are you here”? Students usually become helpless in these situations and find the only possible which is to quit

college, go home and feel loved by everyone around them. 

In all the cases that are stated above, the main problem that we see are the wrong solutions that students find. They shouldn’t quit college, they should figure out a different way to continue their studies and other activities too.