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[Solved] Bioethics

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[Solved] Bioethics


Please use the following text book: BLACKWELL PHILOSOPHY ANTHONOLOGIES, Edited by Helga Kuhse & Peter Singer Bioethics Anthology Second Edition
BIOETHICSName:Course title:Course Instructor:Institution:Date Due: The Morality of the Stem Cell ResearchThere is a universal agreement by scientists that stem cells may be used in the treatment of some ailments. Apparently, scientists advocate for embryonic stem cell research, which is deemed essential in establishing cures since these cells can manipulate themselves into various shapes in the human body. The employment of the stem cells in such a cause has however, sparked condemnation and negative attitudes from various people. More attention is especially given with regard to use and interfering with the life of the human embryo (Corbett, 2006). During one of the debates in Australian parliament members of the upper house were grossly divided on whether to support the development stem cell research or not. One member who gave his support to the legalization of the stem cell research had argued that an embryo “is not a human being" and hence it is morally defendable if its cells to cure patients in critical conditions. Additionally, this Member of Parliament argued that this kind of matter did not need religious, ethical concern as it was a “science related issue” (Corbett, 2006). On the contrary, another politician, Guy Barnett had advocated for vigorous campaigns to curb embryonic stem cell research. His main arguments with relation to this were that embryonic stem cell research instilled futile hope for patients. He had also claimed that other than from the adult stem cells; there were no advances, yet that had been clearly established from such kind of studies hence, there was no need of destroy embryos (Corbett, 2006). In 2006, US president by then, George Bush rejected Congress` bid to legalize embryonic stem cell research in the country. In one of his speeches at a white house ceremony, Bush articulated that there is no way politicians would advocate destruction of innocent life to benefit others. He added that each person had a moral duty to preserve life (Babington, 2006). President Bush also claimed that it was morally outrageous to consider young boys and girls as “spare parts” for others live. DeGette who is the vice chair of the committee on energy and commerce is a great supporter of stem cell research. According to her, stem cell research offers hope for millions of American suffering from different chronic conditions which have no dependable cures. She was grateful especially for the current US president Obama for lifting Bush`s ban on stem cell research. She also suggests that congress ought to enact laws of safeguarding scientists and beneficiaries of stem cell research (DeGette, 2012). Harris on the other hand, observes that human stem cell research can provide insights and development on the medical field. Even though, he acknowledges that there are people who are against this concept on account that those embryos are living beings, he observes that the life of the present population who are suffering from vari...

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[Solved] Bioethics [Solved] Bioethics
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