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Aston Martin Cars to Turkey

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Aston Martin Cars to Turkey

This assignment involves analysing your assigned company / Product in terms of how it is dealing with major macro environmental changes. (Aston Martin Cars to Turkey)


Introduction: (150 - 180 words) 

(Background about the topic). (thesis statement). (outline statement)

Main body:
PESTLE analysis (the most important part (500 – 600 words)
 This is an analysis of the country market, but it should be relevant and linked to the company.
 Please try to use current and academic sources
 Cover all areas you feel are appropriate
 This should help you to construct the following sections

Customer Analysis – (company) (200 – 300 words)
• Who are your customers
• What is their choice criteria
• An analysis of their purchasing process --- why do they make the decisions they make ------------ is it high medium or low involvement.

Choice Criteria (countries): (200 – 300 words)
• Technical (i.e., reliability, performance, comfort, style)
• Economic (i.e., price, value for money, running costs, life-cycle costs)
• Social (i.e., status, belonging, fashion)
• Personal (i.e., self-image, emotions)

SWOT analysis - (company) (the second important part 500 – 600 words)
 Strengths and weaknesses (internal)
 Opportunities and threats (external)
 OT may be a more detailed analysis of key PESTLE factors
 The layout is up to you
 Should have some analysis / commentary, not just bullet points

Conclusion: (150-180 words) 
Sum up of the main body 

Recommendation: (150-180 words) 

These should be formal and specific - 
 Should be based on evidence described in your report
 Should be clearly actionable
 Remember RAR – 
◦ Responsibility (Who?)
◦ Action (Should do what?)
◦ Rationale (Why)


1- We should have no less than (2 citations) for each paragraph and no less than 10 sources in total from different sources in the main body.

2- The citations should be written like this (author, date: page number) 

3 - We shouldn`t use (according to him) we should write the author name 

4- every information we write we should put a citations like this (author, date: page number)

reference list:
The date of sources should be between (2010 - 2016) no less than 2004

no wikipedia
no newspaper
at least 5 academic journal article 
academic report
academics books 
academic websites

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Aston Martin Cars to Turkey Aston Martin Cars to Turkey
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