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[Solved]Applied Social and Development Psychology

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[Solved]Applied Social and Development Psychology

Applied Social and Development Psychology

Knowledge and understanding:

1. have knowledge and a critical understanding of a range of influences on psychological functioning and well-being, and how they are conceptualised across and between social and developmental psychology

2. have more in-depth understanding on theories and practical issues (including ethical considerations) in social and developmental psychology 

Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills:

3. apply alternative perspectives to psychological issues, recognising that psychology involves a range of research methods, theories, evidence and applications


4. integrate ideas and findings across multiple perspectives in psychology, recognising distinctive psychological approaches to relevant issues

5. critically evaluate research findings for practical problem solving

6. employ evidence-based reasoning and examine practical and theoretical issues associated with the use of different methodologies in psychology


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[Solved]Applied Social and Development Psychology [Solved]Applied Social and Development Psychology
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