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[Solved]1) Prepare a consumer profile for a given product or service

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[Solved]1) Prepare a consumer profile for a given product or service

Principles of communication


This assignment is group work.

You are to analyse and then design promotional material for an event at a Birmingham Venue of your choice.
Read the criteria listed below and include these sections in your report
Please note: All the individual sections will be covered in lectures throughout the semester.
You are to create and promote a new product or service in the form of a themed event based at a Birmingham Venue of your choice.
The event will be aimed at consumers in the age range 18 to 25.
The themes you could consider for your event are:
Film; Competition; Adrenaline; Special Occasions (Once in a lifetime); Health & Beauty; Lifestyle; Meeting people (Socialisation); an
Exhibition; Mobility; Exotic or Indulgent and Seasonality.
(NOTE: Your solution should be for an event and NOT the venue itself.)
Once you have agreed on the new event, this assignment requires you to work in groups to produce the following Analysis and
Promotional Design Material:
Part A.
You will be expected to complete and hand in sections 1 to 5.
Section 1 (Target Market Profile) (200 words)
Using the information provided in lectures, and available on UCB Online, - State, profile and list in terms of importance the target
market(s) for the event using the criteria, methods and format
provided in your lectures. (You should then identify which of these criteria are most important in
defining your market and promoting your selected venue or attraction, explaining your choice of
Section 2 (Product differential) (200 words)
The Event Development
You should clearly state the name and slogan for your event.
Explain what your event is and provide a brief description of its main elements.
Identify your event’s USP or ESP, provide a rationale of how its elements translate into consumer
benefits. Provide a justification of your choice of design elements relative to the message and target
market. Indicate any potential competitors.
Section 3 PR Promotional Techniques. (200 -300 words)
Indicate and justify the ‘publics’ that may need to be covered in a Public Relations campaign for
your given event. Using appropriate references and industrial examples indicate how relevant public
relations techniques may be used to help promote your given venue to potential customers.
Section 4. A Press Release (No more than 450 words)
You must provide a press release for your event, which must follow all the technical pre-sets that
have been addressed in lectures. It should be written in a style for the appropriate newspaper or
Section 5. A Communication Brief (200 words)
Provide a communication brief clearly indicating your required central communication. (Use the
brief format provided in lectures)
It is expected that all group members contribute equally to each aspect of the assignment from
research to the final portfolio and that groups will meet regularly to discuss their progress
(outside of lectures or design sessions). You will be expected to keep group and individual logs
for lecturer and group discussions during the design hours. These will aid both formative
feedback and marking. Students should make every effort to resolve any potential difficulties
within their groups as they would in a professional environment.
Where clear evidence is presented to the lecturers during the formative feedback period that a
member of the group is not working collaboratively the lecturer reserves the right to give a
different mark to that individual without adversely affecting the other members of the group.

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[Solved]1) Prepare a consumer profile for a given product or service [Solved]1) Prepare a consumer profile for a given product or service
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