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1 How would you define Uber’s Business Model?

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1 How would you define Uber’s Business Model?

Prior to addressing the questions below on the Uber Case study (which was selected because: 1) I imagine most of you are familiar with Uber, 2) the business model is very interesting and disruptive 3) Uber is leveraging its US position to target aggressively on GLOBAL markets from Latin America to Europe to China, and 4) it is quite short at only 9 pages): 
1 Watch Alex Osterwalder video “Tools for Business Model Generation” (also known as “The Business Model Canvas).”
2 Familiarize yourself with the Business Model Canvas by going to the following web page: http://www.businessmodelgeneration.com/canvas (Links to an external site.)
3 Read: (a) Getting from Plan A to Plan B: Building a Better Business Model,
                  (b) How to Design a Winning Business Model, and (c) Uber:21st Century Technology Confronts 20th Century Regulation (9 pages)
4 Feel free to do additional web research on Uber.
1 How would you define Uber’s Business Model? Specifically, how would you complete each of the 9 boxes of the Business Model Canvas based upon what you read in the case, what you have learned via the web, and what you personally know about Uber or related online taxi services such as Hailo (England), Chauffeur-Prive.com (France), Cabify (Spain and Latin America), Get Taxi (Israel), Lyft(US), etc. Simply take each of the nine boxes and in bullet point form list a few key points that define each of the nine components of the Business Model.
2 What alternatives did Uber have to address regulatory issues when beginning service in new cities? What are the benefits of each?
3 How do you expect the incumbent taxi drivers to respond to Uber’s entry in DC?
4 What should Uber do in the face of the proposed DC regulation?
5 Based on what you have read in the case, what would you do differently than Uber if you were CEO?
6 What additional challenges will Uber face as it “goes global” and looks to penetrate large markets such as England and France in Europe or China and Korea in Asia? How might it have to modify its business model in non-US markets?
No more than 4 single-spaced pages, minimum font size 14.
Do not simply repeat the facts of the case - you will use up precious space in your paper. Practice your critical thinking skills. Analyze the case and make insightful judgments’ about your strategic and managerial perspective on Uber

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1 How would you define Uber’s Business Model? 1 How would you define Uber’s Business Model?
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