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Work Placement Vacancy: Skills and Experiences Product Development (Engineering)

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Work Placement Vacancy: Skills and Experiences Product Development (Engineering)

Work Placement Vacancy: Skills and Experiences Product Development (Engineering)


Using the work placement vacancy available at the end of the document study the skills and experiences required for this position and compare them to the skills and experiences you already possess. You must outline how you intend to close this gap.
a) You must state clearly which skills and experiences are outlined in the advertisement.
b) You are required to critically evaluate the skills and experiences this employer is looking for and compare these to your current skills and experiences. 
c) You must outline your plans to address the gaps between the skills and experiences required for this position and the ones you already possess. 
Work Placement Vacancy:
Salary: £19,500 pro rata
Location: South East 
Job start date:
Application close date: 14 January 2016
Job Type:
Work placement
Advertising / Public Relations, Customer Service, Engineering, Human Resources, Computing & IT, Management, Manufacturing and Production, Marketing, Sales, Science & Technology, Environmental, Finance, Buying & Merchandising 
Date posted: 19 November 2015
Placements with Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn (Michigan, US), manufactures or distributes vehicles across six continents. With about 166,000 employees and about 65 plants worldwide, the UK is one of our most important markets outside the US, where we employ around 13,000 individuals. 
We are now looking for talented individuals to undertake 12-month paid work placements as part of our business placement program starting early March 2016 in the following areas:
Product Development (Engineering)
Your placement with Ford will enhance your understanding of how a successful global organisation works. Using cutting-edge technology and techniques for communication and engineering as part of your daily business as well as understanding how Ford utilises its global team to enhance its business. 
The Ford Powertrain Operations Manufacturing Engineering team is truly global, you will find yourself working with engineers across the world, but primarily throughout Europe. The work is challenging, interesting and varied and depending on your placement, there may be the opportunity to travel to many European locations. 
Marketing, Sales & Service
Ford is one of the strongest and most recognised brands in the world. In the UK, we continue to be market leader, having held this position for over 25 years. But we’re never complacent and are always looking for new talent with fresh ideas. Marketing, Sales and Service professionals help to create the essential bonds between our company, our Dealers and our customers. 
From your first day with us you will be working with IT and business colleagues from all over the world to help build, implement and enhance IT solutions. During your placement you will build on the knowledge and skills gained throughout your degree at University. 
The Quality organisation works closely with our Product Development and Manufacturing skill teams who are committed to continuously improving our products. Your placement with Ford will lead to a development in your understanding of how ‘Quality’ is delivered in a technology driven, global business. 
To find out more about working at Ford please visit www.ford.co.uk/careers
You will need to be able to demonstrate:
• knowledge and passion about our business and our customers
• a drive for continuous improvement 
• ability to build strong relationships and be a team player
• excellent communication skills
• a can do, find a way, attitude
• a positive approach and ability to inspire others
• experience of delivering high quality work to deadlines
• creativity, initiative, diplomacy, self-motivation and self confidence
These opportunities with Ford will enhance your understanding of how a successful global corporation works, gaining an insight into your chosen discipline and developing both personal and professional skills that will be of benefit to you in your future career.


Work Placement Vacancy   Paper Type Date 560 words Name Institution of Affiliation Work Placement Vacancy: Skills and ExperiencesProduct Development (Engineering) The product developer should be very creative in order to develop products that match the needs of the customers. Therefore should be very creative and innovative. Also should understand customer needs and choices. The product should be developed to satisfy the needs of the customers. The product developer should be able to develop product


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Work Placement Vacancy: Skills and Experiences Product Development (Engineering) Work Placement Vacancy: Skills and Experiences Product Development (Engineering)
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