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QUESTION 1. The word ________ indicates that the facts have not yet been processed to reveal their meaning. (0.25 points)


  1. data
  2. dictionary
  3. raw
  4. information


QUESTION 2. What type of relationship is expressed with the phrase "Student takes Class"? (0.25 points)


  1. 1:M
  2. M:1
  3. 1:1
  4. M:N


QUESTION 3. ________ is the de facto query language and data access standard supported by the majority of DBMS vendors. (0.25 points)


  1. 4GL
  2. Structured Query Language
  3. DBMS
  4. Access Query Language


QUESTION 4. The most widely used conceptual model is the ________ model. (0.25 points)


  1. OO
  2. ER
  3. internal
  4. implementation


QUESTION 5. Activities that make the database perform more efficiently in terms of storage and access speed are known as performance ________. (0.25 points)


  1. upgrades
  2. tuning
  3. enhancements
  4. development


QUESTION 6. Processed data, or ________, can be used as the foundation for decision making. (0.25 points)


  1. raw data
  2. queries
  3. DP
  4. information


QUESTION 7. A record consists of a ________. (0.25 points)


  1. collection of related records
  2. group of files
  3. character
  4. set of one or more fields


QUESTION 8. Which data model contains the most semantics? (0.25 points)


  1. network
  2. object-oriented
  3. relational
  4. hierarchical


QUESTION 9. A(n) ________ allows the user to specify what must be done without specifying how it must be done. (0.25 points)


  1. nonprocedural language
  2. procedural language
  3. object-oriented language
  4. script


QUESTION 10. From an end-user perspective, any SQL-based relational database application involves three parts: a user interface, a set of tables stored in the database, and the ________. (0.25 points)


  1. RDBMS
  2. relationships between the tables
  3. business rules
  4. SQL engine


QUESTION 11. What is a benefit of using a DBMS? (0.25 points)


  1. It provides full security to data using private/public key encryption.
  2. It creates automatic backups.
  3. It helps create an environment for end users to have access to more data.
  4. It provides seamless Internet access to database data.


QUESTION 12. A ________ is the equivalent of a file system`s record type. (0.25 points)


  1. parent
  2. root
  3. child
  4. segment


QUESTION 13. The network database models have ________. (0.25 points)


  1. an owner/member relationship that promotes database integrity
  2. a simple system that promotes efficiency
  3. a navigational system that yields simple design
  4. a great deal of structural independence


QUESTION 14. The DBMS allows the user to specify what must be done, without having to specify how it is to be done, by using a(n) ________. (0.25 points)


  1. table generator
  2. security system
  3. query language
  4. access control


QUESTION 15. Which of the following products do not provide an enterprise database? (0.25 points)


  1. IBM DB2
  2. MS SQL Server
  3. MS Access
  4. Oracle RDBMS


QUESTION 16. What modern development gave the use of complex objects a boost? (0.25 points)


  1. Y2K
  2. the Internet
  3. mainframes
  4. object-oriented programming


QUESTION 17. Data ________ exists when it is possible to make changes in the data storage characteristics without affecting the application program`s ability to access the data. (0.25 points)


  1. inconsistency
  2. independence
  3. mining
  4. integrity


QUESTION 18. What is a key characteristic of knowledge? (0.25 points)


  1. It exists in a vacuum.
  2. "new" Knowledge can be derived from "old" knowledge.
  3. It cannot be duplicated.
  4. It is assembled from raw data.


QUESTION 19. A CUSTOMER ________ would be described by attributes such as customer last name, customer first name, customer phone, customer address, and customer credit limit. (0.25 points)


  1. constraint
  2. relationship
  3. model
  4. entity


QUESTION 20. The design of a ________ database recognizes the use of historical and aggregated data. (0.25 points)


  1. multiuser
  2. data warehouse
  3. production
  4. single-user

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