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[Solved]What will you do?

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[Solved]What will you do?

Bill Of Rights: Amendments, Responsibility For The Crime


Prompt from the Instructor:
We have learned that the some of the rights in the Bill of Rights are for people that are suspected of being involved in criminal activity but they also protect the rest of us. 
The rights contained in the Bill Rights are part of what makes the United States unique. Now, that you know the importance of the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments… 
Consider this case: You are a homicide detective and are investigating the abduction of a 7 year old girl. It`s Saturday night, 11:00 PM. Police officers have brought in a sexual registrant to the station. He is on parole for a sexual assault of a child and was recently released from prison. He matches the description of a person who was seen riding a bike near the girl`s home and he lives two blocks away from the missing girl. Although not under arrest he is technically in custody and you read him his Miranda Rights. He waives his rights and tells you that he raped the girl and has left her tied up in a vacant building without food or water and hopes she dies. He refuses to answer any other questions when you ask him about the details and location of the girl. He states that will not answer any more questions without court appointed lawyer. 
What will you do? You truly believe that he raped her because he has told you that he raped her, and you believe him when he tells that she is still alive. 
REMEMBER, he has asked for a lawyer. It`s Saturday night and doesn`t want to talk anymore. If you arrest and book him, his arraignment won`t take place until Monday or Tuesday and that`s when he will get his court appointed lawyer. Will you continue to interrogate him and what is your plan to find the girl? 
Here is where you use reasonable suspicion, probable cause, warrants, and your knowledge on interrogations, Miranda rights, parole restrictions, and many other resources that you can use as an investigator. 
Ok Detective what will you do? Be creative with your approach and solve this case before she dies!
Assignment Guidelines:
Must be at least one full page in Times New Roman Font in Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around.







The main suspect has just confessed that, he is responsible for the crime and has leaked some information that the girl is still alive. The main key is to protect the right of life for the young girl and also o


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[Solved]What will you do? [Solved]What will you do?
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