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What should be done to solve the child-obesity epidemic?

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What should be done to solve the child-obesity epidemic?

What should be done to solve the child-obesity epidemic?

Students should be able to: 1. Demonstrate the critical thinking skills involved in exploring, limiting, and focusing the subject in order to produce a thesis statement appropriate for the audience and the assignment. 2. Organize essays, using outlining and prewriting techniques, so that the plan indicates the major divisions of the thesis and provides specific support for assertions. 3. Compose introductory paragraphs containing the thesis statement of the essay, body paragraphs containing adequately supported topic sentences, and conclusions indicating completion of the discussion. 4. Revise essays for logical coherence and completeness as well as appropriate rhetorical strategies, style, and diction. 5. Edit essays for correct punctuation, grammar, and usage. 6. Locate sources on computer databases and cite those sources correctly in documented essays. You can find the Common Course Outline for ENGL 1101 here: http://www.gpc.edu/~acadaff/ccos/ Topic/content Issues: The topic is your choice, but again, it must be current, local, and controversial. You must consider the opposition in some way, either by refuting or conceding. To argue effectively, you must anticipate the views of the opposing side and address them. Only third person is allowed for this essay. Some suggestions: Should MARTA be expanded to reach Cobb and Gwinnett? Should Georgia allow sales of alcohol on Sundays? Should Fulton county be split into two counties? What should be done to solve the child-obesity epidemic? What should be done to solve traffic woes in Atlanta? Should everyone strive for a college education? Should Georgia offer more technical colleges? (Notice that these are topics, not thesis statements; thesis statements should never be in the form of a question) Organization: Since you need to know how to write longer essays for other classes, this essay cannot be a 5–paragraph style essay. You must be able to expand on that style of essay to write longer and more complex essays. This essay must be a minimum of 3 complete pages, not including the Works Cited page. Transitions and linking ideas (organizational styles) are very important for this essay. Introductions and conclusions are also important. Research Issues: Must have a minimum of two GALILEO sources. They may be from the same database (such as Opposing Viewpoints or Academic Search Premier). Must have a minimum of one other online source; however, it must be from a reputable academic source as opposed to someone`s homepage or meta-search engines such as ehow.com, etc. You may use other credible, legitimate sources as well, as long as you have two GALILEO and one online source. There must be a balance of information from your sources, and that information must also be balanced throughout the essay. In essay 2, we discussed the importance of providing a balance of information. Proper format for MLA parenthetical citations is required. Proper format for quotations is also required for this essay. The Works Cited page must be in correct MLA format and will count as an assignment grade. REMEMBER TO MAKE GOOD USE OF THE LIBRARY WEB LINKS!
Students Name: Professor`s Name: Course: Date: What should be done to solve the child-obesity epidemic? It could be more serious than you ever imagined. Child-obesity in America is a real epidemic that faces the children from all the socio-economic classes. The Center for Disease Control has found that about thirty two percent of the children and adolescents are overweight; this translates to twenty five million kids are obese as noted by ( Hellmich, USA Today, First lady says: `Let`s move` on child obesity). She further observed that obesity has a huge impact on the life expectancy of the next generation with a study conducted in 2005 finding that kids may have their lives two to five years shorter than that of their parents because of obesity. Obesity predisposes our kids to the types of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol levels which lead to cardiovascular diseases. In her article ( Hellmich) notes that the first lady laments that according to government data, a weight-related medical bill costs the country a whooping $147 billion annual. This epidemic surely calls for concerted efforts to deal with it. According to the (Georgia Department of Public Health: 2010 Georgia Data Summary on obesity in children and youth), research have shown that obese children are likely to remain so into adulthood. According to the data, 15% of children between two to four years in Georgia are obese. Data also shows that 24% of children in third ...

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What should be done to solve the child-obesity epidemic? What should be done to solve the child-obesity epidemic?
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