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What is the movie about

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What is the movie about

Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

After watching the JFK movie, you need to answer the following 1 What is the movie about 2. What is the historical importance 3. What did you think about it
Name:Instructor`s Name:Course:Date:Assassination of John Fitzgerald KennedyThe 1991 movie ‘JFK` detailed the actions of Jim Garrison, the district attorney of New Orleans who took upon himself to investigate, the 1963 assassination of John Fitzgerald K. in Dallas. The movie was directed and written by Oliver Stone, with main actors Kevin Costner, Oldman Gary and Lemmon Jack.The movie follows the investigations of the D.A. Jim Garrison, who is suspicious of the federal bureau of investigation`s official story. Based on what he already knew and what he later learned, led him to deduce that there was more behind the story than what was presented to the public. The movie takes the viewer through a mixture of facts and speculations about JFK`s death as the investigator digs his teeth into files of the FBI and witness accounts. Unfortunately his persistency in asking questions and poking around in matters that did not concern him or beyond his jurisdiction put his life and that of his family at risk. The Jim Garrison ends up investigator actions of some of the FBI officers and other security officials whom he suspected to be hiding information which was leading him to the evidence of multiple shooters.The movie presents the theory that John F. Kennedy was killed for his attempts of ...

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 What is the movie about What is the movie about
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